Pack Master

My husband is our pack master.

I know how silly that sounds but it’s true. Ed and Eddy are far from the most obedient dogs. We took them to a small pet groomer across town, we’re afraid of Petsmart because we’ve heard some stories of negligence, and we saw a really obedient big dog just waiting for his owner outside.

Anyway this new place, Foxie Dog, was FULL of pooches! Back in Independence  there was only one pet store in the whole town and it was never much full, but this place was packed full . They had more staff of course and everyone was very attentive.

Nonetheless though, my husband is definitely the pack master of our little puppy tribe. It’s so funny, even though they know I will fill their needs they obey Eric better. They even howl with him ssometime, they refuse to with me though. They respect him more even, I swear it’s that pack mentality. After all is said and done, my little toy dachshunds are the descendants of wolves!


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