Cemetery Walk

We live a few blocks from the cemetery, the UO cemetery and it’s really friggen old! Some headstones have been there since the late 1800s.

I walk Ed and Eddy down there sometimes, and I keep them on leash of course, but it’s still really nice for the dogs. It’s so open and full of smells. It’s  mellow place for humans too.

Many people dislike cemeteries because they consider them sad or spooky. I get a different feeling though, a deeper attachment to the past and to genealogy. It is interesting to read the headstones. Some are burried super young, some super old. Some with a partner, some all alone. Some are hardly marked, some have a big gody marker. In the end though it doesn’t really matter. If you believe in spirits the cemetery is a good place to meet up with them. It’s a good place to come to terms with the fact that the possessions you carry through life are essentially  meaningless but the love that you leave and the world that you leave for your loved ones means everything.


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