The Struggle is Real

I used to be confused by this saying. My struggle was such a big part of my life after all. My struggle, my physical handicap, is unfortunately a major part of my identity. It’s not who I am but it is what people see. It gave me my perspective in many ways, I can’t change that. I use to feel like I owed people and explanation, an apology, for the way I live. That was my struggle, and coming to terms with the fact that it’s bullshit was how I found my identity.

So in a way I did let my struggle become my identity, but not completely. I don’t think anyone can completely separate themselves from their experience, and what’s more I don’t think anyone should. Why have experience if it doesn’t affect you?

The truth is, everyone struggles but only the wise learn from it. Remember though, you are strong and you are not your struggle.


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