As I explained about my liking of Independence Day, I also really like Thanksgiving. Sure, the whole family dinner thing is annoying. I’m pretty sure everyone that will sit around the table this year will have voted for different people; got some Stein voters, some Johnson, some MacMillan, some write ins, and even unfortunately some Trump or Clinton voters; and what’s more I’m sure we’ll talk about it. Unfortunately I also recently found out that I have high cholesterol, so no stuffing or mashed potatoes with gravy for me this year.

A lot of people I know are forgoing Thanksgiving in light of Standing Rock. Understandable, it is terribly ironic that at the same time we are celebrating peace with the Native American people we are actively breaking a treaty we made with them in 1774, polluting their land and water. Harming the brave men and women who are practicing their constitutional right to protest. Militarized North Dakota police are using pepper spray, attack dogs, water cannons, and grenades to bully the Water Protectors. A 21 year old lady had part of her arm blown off, she lost an artery even and will most likely require amputation. another 13 year old was blasted in the face. These are just a few examples, over 100 have been severely wounded.

So yes, it is ironic. It is also though a great opportunity to stand up for Standing Rock. The following are great ways to help from home.

Call for Standing Rock and explain your grievance.

White House (202) 456-1111

White House (202) 456-1414

US Department of Justice 202-353-1555

Morton County Sheriff’s Dept. (701) 667-3330

North Dakota Governor’s Office (701) 328.2200

Also the call went out that warm winter clothing and winter supplies (or money for same) are needed for Standing Rock Water Protectors. With all the spraying down of the Protectors by the police and Corps of Engineers, in extremely cold temperatures,way below freezing, they need more changes of dry clothing.

Please send to: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Post Office Box D, Fort Yates, ND. 58538

And never forget to be Thankful for all you have, for your opportunity to do the right thing in this situation. Even if you have major ethical disagreements with some family or close friends, be thankful you have them. Be thankful for the clean water you can drink and cook with. Be thankful to live in a time where people are largely not afraid to defend themselves. Even when the world around you seems to be crumbling, be thankful that you still have a chance and people to share that chance with.


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