The Year We Love to Hate

2016 was a weird year. A lot of shit went down and people seem ready for it’s end. Very ready.

Politically 2016 was rough. It will forever be the year we (all of us, even if most of us didn’t vote for him we live in a society that allowed our choices to be the two most disliked candidates in history) elected a reality TV star/real estate tycoon. Now in early December the electoral people can overturn it but really who would replace him? Hillary? And you think this is bad lol, remember the Clinton’s wanted the Trump to run.

So anyway, rambling. This stupid election, which btw I have been calling a revolution from the start, didn’t ruin my year! I married my best friend this year, moved into a house with a yard for my furbabies. This year has been my break too. All my life I’ve been go go go; physical therapy, school, work; this break was much needed for my own mental health. 2017 will be the year of serious job hunting (paid work), but for me 2016 will always be the year I got sick of living my life to please society and ran off to Vegas with my besty  (now husband).

Politically still though, this year has been a great experience. I’m truly thankful for Bernie Sanders, for waking us up. I’ve lost friends, and even my aunt who I’ve always respected, all because I don’t agree with Hillary Clinton. Seriously, team Hillary is really slow to get with the program. This year I’ve come face to face with everything I’ve ever learned about social justice, makes me proud to hang that Philosophy diploma.

I’m ready for 2017 and whatever it has to teach me. The Revolution really hasn’t even started yet but I hope we can all stand together and do the right thing. One more month left, let’s use it to love what we’ve got.


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