Four Toys

My boys go through toys fast, as I’ve written before they almost make breaking toys their mission.

I think since dachshunds were originally bred to be working dogs, on farms to hunt badgers, they really need to be kept busy with toys or they get destructive. Of course taking them outside is a good way to keep them busy. Running can become dangerous for their backs, dachshunds notoriously have spine problems, but swimming is great. Ed loves swimming, Eddy not so much.

Anyway, that’s why they like squeaky toys. it reminds them of their prey, how fucked up is that? When we first brought Ed and Eddy home, like a year and a half ago now, I don’t think they knew about toys. Like they had fun with them but I don’t think they had ever had their own toys before, so they didn’t take care of them. They broke the immediately.

Now though it seems they have finally learned, perhaps they aren’t as stupid as they act. They have four (five counting the frisby we got them at Capella) toys now. One of their original broken toys that rattles and the other three squeak. They don’t tug them nearly as hard as they use to, they don’t leave them outside to be rained on anymore, and they even learned not to chew at the seams. I’m so proud of my little furbabes. 


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