Early Xmas Vacay 

It was cheaper to buy airline tickets the week before Christmas than the week of Christmas so here we are in Louisville Kentucky.

It’s been a fun weekend, my husband has gotten to catch up with old friends and family plus we’ve had time to go shopping and see holiday lights. Plus of course the movie theaters are always a fun destination for the holidays. We saw Arrival in this burguise theater with recliners as seating. And of course I’ve made friends with the family dog, Daisy. There’s a cat running around the house too but she hates me…

Anyway though, Daisy is a good little hound dog. A beagle. The first time I met her, a few years back, she was newly adopted and being trained. Boy has it paid off, she doesn’t jump or beg and she is sure obedient to her human father. She’s beautiful with a slick coat, thinks she’s a lap dog too! Loves treats just like my boys back home 🙂


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