Member When Republicans Were Against Big Government?

As any of my followers know I am no fan of president-elect Trump. I didn’t vote for either him or Hillary Clinton because they both resemble Adolf Hitler in too many ways. I’m not happy Trump won but I am extatic that Clinton lost.

Now more and more since Trump won (he won November 8, Jill Stein’s recount, and the electoral vote a few days ago) the same cable news networks who assured us that Clinton would win are now spreading stories about racists all over America, none of which are new btw. So why didn’t they broadcast this before? America is a nation of white immigrants who got to this continent by mistake, killed off the natives, and then started their own. None of us are innocent here, this racism isn’t new.

Trump is just the biggest distraction our government has come up with yet. I’ve said since October 2015 that the Democrats set up Trump to run against Clinton to make her look better. Donald and Bill are golf buddies after all, Chelsea and Ivanka are buddies, and let’s not forget that the Wikileaks have actually confirmed this conspiracy. 

So that’s where we are, but let’s not forget that water is life and Trump or Clinton we’ve been screwed that way. Our capitalist economy has no respect for water rights, natives and poor citizens are both being put in a precarious situation  (companies like Nestlé are buying up water supplies to bottle and sell for profit while DAPL and many more pipelines are being secretly pushed through).

I have also been concerned since last December about nuclear power, and specifically John McCain’s desire to mine the Grand Canyon for uranium. To sell to Putin, who knows…but anyway it doesn’t look good. Especially for those hoping to avoid a nuclear world war three.

But that’s a seperate concern entirely. So back to my point. I read today that John Kasich signed a measure to block local governments from increasing their minimum wage. So like if a state government goes to $15/ hour that’s one thing but a city cannot decide democratically to raise their minimum wage higher than the states minimum wage. For example the state of Ohio has a minimum wage of $8.10 so this law would prevent Cleveland from going to  $15, even though local elections were in favor. 

In fact twenty states across the country have passed laws that preempt local governments from raising the minimum wage or requiring benefits for workers that go beyond what’s required by the state, ThinkProgress reported in July.
Sounds kind of like big government doesn’t it? Just like the big government that the Republican party is supposed to be apposed to. This shows that civil unrest was in store for America no matter who won the election. People are ready for change, the question is what direction will that change go?

Hopefully we’re all prepared to be brave, to love one another, and to stand for the things we’ve always known to be right. It’s our duty as Americans and as humans in this world.


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