Chrismakkah 2016

Christmas was three days ago and tonight is the fifth candle of Hanukkah. It has been a nice holiday so far. Plenty of time with my family, the in-laws, as well as a few nights in with some of our closest friends. A peaceful ending to a hectic year.

Two more big names left us too, George Michael and Carrie Fisher just in the past few days. Of all the unfortunate things that 2016 has dealt us why should celebrity deaths deal such a blow? 

I mean it’s sad when anyone dies but A) we didn’t actually know these people and B) these people lived very good lives, long lives too in most cases.

I have come to realize I guess that this is life, a series of heart break. We might as well have fun in between. That’s why it’s important to have family and friends. And puppies. 


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