Life after 1/20/17

​Two good friends of mine have gotten engaged in the past few days and it gives me so much hope! Times are hard, things have definitely taken a dark turn and for real I only see it getting worse. I’ve been bracing myself for months, I’ve known for certain that shit would hit the fan.

TPP was stopped thankfully, but fracking was not. We’re paying for that wall with Mexico. Funding for abortion and battered woman is being haunted. The ACA which literally saves my life is being repealed. Single parents will soon be taxed. Every day is a struggle and it’s hard to be optimistic, things I once longed for now seem completely pointless. 

If I’m thankful for anything though it’s my family, my husband and dogs. They keep me sane, truly. That’s why it gives me so much hope that people are still finding the will to get married and start new lives.

I was proud that my mother asked me to join her in our cities brach of the woman’s march  (there were 6,000 in Eugene alone). It was a woman’s march,  not explicitly anti-Trump. So many people of different genders and races and nationalities and physical ability levels were there, it was magical. One lady came who with her whole family, a Japanese American who had lived through and raised a family in an internment camp, and in weird way that gives me hope. It shows me that even now life can go on.


One thought on “Life after 1/20/17

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