Crippled Puppy

Ed hurt his front left leg the other day. I’m not sure how exactly he did it but he’s always jumping around doing acrobatics that he isn’t physically capable of so it’s not shock.

Little Eddy is pretty agile and capable of jumping and flipping, but Ed really is not at all. He tries though, I really need to make a bigger effort to slow him down.

Anyway though, yesterday he had a not so graceful landing off the recliner. He cried a bit, no swelling or anything though. It seems to have improved since yesterday even, he doesn’t jump on and off furniture or put much weight on it. Since the move we haven’t found the boys are new vet but I’m looking into it today. They are due for a check up anyway, plus I’d like to consult a vet about pain relief. Your suppose to be able to give them like half an ibprofin but my boys are so small I’d like to make sure I won’t over do it.

It’s a big responsibility, being in charge of their lives. I take it seriously.


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