I’ve come to be extremely pro-choice recently. I mean I’ve always been pro-choice, I can’t remember a time when I thought a group of middle aged men should tell me what to do with my body, but lately I see so many reasons to have an abortion. Please don’t get me wrong, I love kids! If you want a kid and are able to give your kid the love it deserves than by all means. But if a woman wants an abortion I would think she’s out of options. 

So why make someone struggle with what they have to do? Why force a life into this world if it can’t have everything it deserves? The UN ruled last year that abortion, like Healthcare, is a human right. 

I think some abortions save lives though too. In some cases the mother’s life is literally in danger but in other cases it might just be a bad time, and no I don’t mean using abortions like regular birth control. In situations where the mother has some sort of a condition that could kill her though I believe the pregnancy has a right to be terminated. Especially considering there might be other kids involved. Or what if the fetus, when born, is expected to have birth defects and the mother knows she won’t be able to give the child the attention it deserves? Wouldn’t it be cruel and unusual to force someone to live that life? Or lastly, what if the mother is in an unstable relationship and the man in her life beets her, and will undoubtedly beet the child. Again this seems like a chance to protect the potential child by not forcing that regrettable life on them.

I strongly believe that every woman knows what is good for her and her body. A group of men should not be making my very important life decisions.


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