National Right to Work

Right to work laws have always existed in some states, like Idaho I believe, but I would like to explain why it is not really a right to work at all. The right to work laws allows employees to opt out of union fees, which in part weekens and destroys the union. 80% of Americans support this for some reason. Likely because of the name they gave it, not at all honest.

The right to work laws obviously helps employers though because if they don’t have to give their workers benefits, they can buy more vacation homes. The scariest part of this national right to work thing is that now that the ACA is being repealed the only sure way to receive Healthcare is to get a job that provides, but people already struggling to pay bills will likely often opt out of union fees. This means that they won’t get Healthcare or other necessary benefits of employment, and the tax payer will end up paying the difference. Of course this won’t affect the one percent like President Trump because they don’t pay taxes anyway.


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