Separate Baths

It’s been a little more than a year and a half. We brought them home in like Maybe 2015 I think. And we had a trail week just like the other two or three families that tried to adopt them. At least one of those trials I believe they tried to separate them and realized it couldn’t be done. Ed and Eddy are two very different little animals, but I’m not sure they recognize that. 

As I’ve written before, they told us at Lovable that we ought to try taking them on seperate walks. I’ve tried a few times by now and it just doesn’t work. Eddy straight up won’t do it, he lies on the ground in revolt. Ed will initially be fine but once he notices that his brother is missing he becomes inconsolable. At this point once in a while, at night, Ed will come to bed with me while Eddy stays up watching TV with my husband, Eddy actually loves watching TV and it’s hilarious. It doesn’t last too long though, usually Eddy breaks but from time to time Ed abandons me.

So they still freak out if we try and walk them separately, like even if we’re all walking together and go on opposite sides of the street for a minute they don’t like it. The funniest thing that has happened recently was a few days ago I tried to give them separate baths.

My parent’s remodel still isn’t done so I often find myself with three small dogs. Now sometimes they get dirty and smelly, as dogs are known to do, and washing all three at once sounds like torture. So I washed them separate. 

I washed Ed first because he loves bath time, and I shut the bathroom door thinking it would help. Eddy was actually fine, greatful to think he was being spared a bath, but Ed was sure confused. Squirrely as all heck! So for Eddy’s bath I left the door open. Ed was pretty obedient surprisingly and I only had to tell him once not to jump in the water, and Eddy while cautious did pretty well knowing his brother was at least in the room with him.

So those are my completely codependent dogs, and I think at almost five years of age it is safe to say they will always be this way. They are two dogs who want to be one, but it’s part of what makes them so sweet and I love them for it.


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