Another Shooting 

There has been so much stupid stupid bad news lately it’s hard to keep up, every morning I wake up and grab my phone off the side table and then quickly jump out of bed to get my anxiety medicine. 

It got almost zero press coverage but on football Sunday somebody got really upset that their team was down (it was whichever team ended up winning btw) and I guess they took their gun down to the VRC mall and started shooting. I don’t think there were any fatalities but REALLY? Like come on guys, it’s getting old.

It’s pathetic, a pathetic tragedy, but pathetic all the same. We must look ridiculous on the national stage. People crying about the second ammendment (it’s their right) while simultaneously shaming all the many many brave protesters out there practicing their first amendment rights.

Black Lives Matter has been one very prominent groups we’ve all heard from and I’m so thankful they have kinda shown us the relevance of Martin Luther King Jr in our modern world. We MUST all stand together now. It’s us and them, and after all we’re only ordinary men. For that reason though I must say that I was shocked to hear Elizabeth Warren got shut down for reciting a speech by Loretta Scott King explains why Sessions was found to be incompetent in the 80s. After she got shut down, Democrat and Senator of Oregon,  Jeff Merkley, was thankfully allowed to completethe entire speech. Is that sexist or just a specific cases of dated bullshit that the Progressives are being forced to deal with?

That’s why this shooting was particularly sad for me. Look at all that we’ve fought for and look at all that we have left to do. The superbowl was our day to relax, to love our God forsaken country, and to love our fellow mortals. For one day, not even a full day, just an evening; but it couldn’t be done. Seriously guys, at this point Mexico probably wants a wall to keep us out.

We have a problem folks and if we’re going to make America great again it’s going to take a lot of team work. We’re going to have to stop being decisive, support refugees and soldiers, and we’re going to have to do it quickly because we’re running out of time. Literally running out of resourcing. We can do this though, we can overcome. With all the history and knowledge we now have, we can use it and come together differences and all, to do what’s best for humanity.


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