A Break From the Rain

It’s a rare day in Oregon when it isn’t raining at all, even more rare that it’s sunny, but when the clouds do part it’s beautiful.

Today was one of those days and the dogs couldn’t wait to get outside. I usually walk them at the cemetery down the road and up the hill, or rarely we turn the other direction to Amazon Park, or sometimes when Eric is with me we go down to the shopping center and he gets us take out from the Indian or Mexican place. Today was different though, I took them out early while the hubby was still asleep and we walked beyond 24th, which is pretty much on campus. I saw a lot of things I didn’t even know about; a Quaker meeting house, a vegany looking restaurant by this alley that leads God knows where, and the so called “University Park.” There were some kids out that we avoided and only one squirrel siting so it was a relatively calm walk.

I looked all over before we left but I couldn’t find their connector that makes their harnesses fit into a single leash. I was worried at first because back at Riverplace they use to pull SO MUCH but ya know what? My boys have really learned to calm down. It makes me so happy, while they still are quite a handful they are so much easier to handle.

Our walk was long and it really drained all the energy right out of them. Gave me a nice chance to clear my head too. Hopefully I’ll be able to make more time for nice brisk early walks like these.



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