Maybe it’s coming together at last!

In a month and four days we will have finished our first year married. It’s weird, not much has changed except my name.

It’s great though, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Since we said “I do” though things for us have kind of been stagnant. Not in a negative sense just honestly. I’ve been reading a lot, lots of trips to the used bookstore. Plenty of philosophy and how-to books, but i also grabbed 1984 off the shelf.

We realized we were in a lot of debt (probably part of the decision to elope) so Eric decided to take a short break from school, we moved here and we’re figuring things out. He had an interview at a local assisted living place today. I, on the other hand, still have five job applications out right now. With my top pick I got to the stage two application so I’m hopeful I’ll get a call back soon. 

The fact that I have a degree has been helpful in that the jobs that I can apply for are considerably higher paying, but I feel like, in the town we live in at least, it doesn’t make me any more desirable than anyone else. If I had a Masters though…the really cool jobs you need a masters! No joke even, I’ll be reading something that sounds really interesting and then in the requirements section; MASTERS. So I think my new goal is for once my hubby finishes and we get stuff paid down at least, to go for a masters in psychology. That or history..anyway though that’s way off. 

We’ll see if that happens, for now our education system is such an elitist pyramid scheme it makes me feel a bit dirty just having gone through it. I’m happy I did, I really learned so much. Even if a lot of it was internal knowledge it’s something I’ll always be proud of, that $32,000 piece of paper framed on my wall (that’s just my last 3.5 years at University, I worked my way through 3 years of community college first). It’s taught me most recently that adulthood is debt, and a happy life is keeping your debt and labor a safe distance from meeting your needs. We still want to open a shop one day and I think about that masters, but as long as our needs are met we’re happy. Don’t worry, finding justice and harmony for society is still the ultimate goal, but for now I’m still just doing what I can when I can.


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