Puppy Stairs

After the foot injury but before the vet visit (it was uneventful btw. They got some shots. They also terrorized some other little dog in the waiting room so we had to wait in a separate room) we got the boys puppy stairs to the bed. Eddy isn’t a fan and it was a real hassle teaching either boy how to properly use them, but now Ed loves them. I hear the click clack of his puppy feet on the steps every night and every morning. 

Dachshund owners need to be very careful with them, make sure they don’t abuse their weenie. They can crush a disc or w/e in their back and it can really messed up their livelihood and wellbeing. Dachshunds are delicate. I know my boys are constantly running and jumping, which is good because excess wait can also be a danger to their backs, but it’s important to slow them down every so often. 


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