The Job Search Continues

So my job search continues. It’s bothersome to me that my husband found his job right away, even scored  an on site interview, and I’ve got nothing. I’ve got a degree and little experiance while his degree is incomplete but his experiance is very current so there ya go with that. Seriously though I’m extremely proud of him, he’s already gotten chances for more experiance along with training and pay raises.

Places I’ve applied for have both rejected me and taken me to stage two, but either way finding an adult job is so much harder. All my past jobs I just sort of fell into, plus I was young and cute so interviews were a snap. Now not so such, they all need references and typing tests. Nonetheless the search continues.

I’ve narrowed it down quite a bit. I’m definitely looking for a desk job in the medical field. Something that will potentially help the lives of disabled individuals like myself. Finding that drive and having a concrete goal is a great help to the process.


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