Pitiful Puppies

I swear to you, this solution we came up with for ending indoor bathroom accidents has been going really well. It’s been barely a week but man oh man, my husband and I sleep so much sounder without dogs in our bed. Believe me, they still get plenty of loving, but it has been nice getting a break. We’re at about two years now and they’re still a super needy handful, but the yard has been great for them. 

They couldn’t get enough of it in the summer! The winter rain deters them a bit, especially Eddy, but it’s still great. Ed runs a loop around the perimeter of the yard a few times a day, he also isn’t afraid to let me know when he needs out. I think that is a result of the box. Eddy does good with pee, but when its extremely wet out he refuses to get off the deck. We managed to reconvince him that if he MUST go inside he ought to use the bathroom, we’ve only had one such accident since the box but it was much more manageable. 

I was so distraught before I found out vinegar cleans wood floors, and before I was able to clean my rug outside, I think both Ed and Eddy could sense something. The rug is now somewhat faded BUT no more yellow stain.

Also nice, my husband and I had discussed getting a new bigger bed, since our full was always over crowded with dogs, but now there’s no need to. We each have plenty of room in our bed and this saves us a ton of money!

The only times the dog box situation is difficult for me is nights like tonight when my husband is at work. No more living stuffies to keep me warm. I’m not about to go back to the way it was though, my boys are box puppies now and I think everyone is better off this way.


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