I’m nervous today, I admit it. The Trump Presidency so far has been quite a ride. I mean, it’s hard to trust the news and I’m sure they’re being biased. I’m also sure HRC would have been just as bad in many ways, honestly worse in some. The Democrats and Republicans are after all on the same team. Still though, 3 months in and shits pretty real.

This healthcare thing though has been my issue since 2008. Obamacare had and has a lot of flaws, it does, but for my husband and I it has generously increased our quality of life. Trumpcare would kick us both off for having preexisting conditions. For me, my meds aren’t too expensive and I haven’t used the therapy thing in a while anyway. And dental wise, our plan covered us to go to a clinic anyway so that’s only like what $20 without insurance? But Medicaid does cover my husband’s  $600 inhaler, so that’s a pain in the ass.He does enjoy breathing. 

Congress was supposed to vote yesterday, but it wasn’t looking good for Trumpcare. I guess several of the GOP don’t consider throwing thousands off completely, hiking premiums, and giving million dollar tax breaks to the 2% (including our President) to be tough enough so they day they’ll vote no, as will all Democrats allegedly. AHCA also considers pregnant woman to be in that preexisting conditions category btw. Trump has told his constituents though that if they vote down the AHCA that ACA will stay in place, he claims he’ll move on to bigger issues. I suppose that’s the best we can hope for but Idk. It’s a BAD feeling, either way a lot of Americans will be screwed. Either way our government is not doing what’s best for us. While all this has gone on, internet providers have become able to sell our own personal info and hunters are now allowed to go after hybernating animals. That’s some really disturbing stuff. 

Everything that’s going on the least they can do is take those hands of my healthcare, which I consider marijuana to be a big part of honestly even though it is in no way covered. Hands off, laissez faire. Trumpcare, or OHCA is nothing more than a tax break for the wealthy rolled into a population control plan. Killing off the poor and sick, and I believe if you look closely you will see that it’s mainly a way to kill off those not contributing enougb to capitalism. That is if you’re poor, old and/or sickly you are not paying into the scheme since You can’t afford to. You can’t waist time shopping and so your own elected officials don’t want to protect your life. Population control, if they kill enough off they can continue living their extravagant waistful lives. It’s truly disgusting. 

UPDATE: it’s been pulled


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