Post-marital Relations 

Something I never really worried about, I don’t know if most people worry about but Buzz fead articles sure do, was sex after saying I do.

I’ve written about identifying as demi-sexual before and maybe that’s part of it, but the sex has always been good so I never really thought about it. Friends started asking about it the longer our engagement lasted, so I made myself think about it. What if we tried this? What if we tried that?

So we did, and it was just as good as always. It’s been a year and I still think about our week in Vegas. We just had an average room in the Excalibur, it was an amazing week. Just doing crazy shit with my husband. Tell anyone in Vegas your newlyweds and they go crazy!

So anyway, the honeymoon was amazing but it wasn’t based around sex like they sell it. In this past year together though even I can sense that the sex has improved. It’s hotter because we have nothing to hold back and it’s more pationet because we have no reservations. It’s only been a year but it’s still not work. I still have no doubts. I’m still so lucky to have found my best friend. 


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