New Nanny Gig

So I’m still in search of a stable desk job but since all my experience is in childcare I decided to go back to what I know.

I found a position that’s two bus rides away, so that’s a pain, but it’s such a sweet family. Three kids, the youngest are three year-old boy girl twins and the oldest is six year-old boy. They are so sweet! The three year old boy is HYPER as hell but so cute! He kept hanging off me and jumping on me when I was reading to the older boy. We played cars, colored pictures, swung outside and ate dinner. The girl was a sweetheart too, happy to have another girl to play with I think. Plus they have a big friendly dog and a chickens outside! It’s a fun house to be at. There are toys on the floor and crayon on the wall, it’s a very kid friendly environment.

Working with children is surprisingly low pay, always has been thus I stopped doing and went to college. Ironic that it’s all I can find now… Since places seem more likely to hire applicants with current jobs though (which seems like a conspiracy to keep unemployment high if you ask me) maybe it’ll help me. I’ve narrowed my search down even more to holistic or therapeutic therapy type office receptionist (a receptionist job is easier to get and gives experience for an administrative position). That is still my goal just because as much as I love children and helping them learn to explore, I know my own physical limitations and I know that my back can’t take holding up toddlers forever. I ought to have an interview next week at an acupuncture office but we’ll see how that goes…fingers crossed but I’m thankful to have found something. Along with my volunteer work with the kindergartners in the SMART reading program, I feel like I’m back to having goals and a purpose. 


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