Two Years and Separate Rooms

As of just a few days ago Ed and Eddy have been home with us for two years!

Eating has always been a thing, but they’ve grown more competitive about it. Ed just gobbles down whatever we serve him so fast! Poor little Eddy struggles to keep up. The other day Eddy had a serious anxiety attack. The food got stuck in this throat a bit so we patted on his back to help him he could clear it. He was totally shaking, and then threw up what appeared to be unchewed food. My husband then admitted to seeing whole food chunks in his poo the day before. It seems like he was eating his food too quickly, to prevent Ed from stealing his bowl, and he wasn’t chewing. So I had a bold idea, what if I make them eat in seperate rooms?

It was hard to implement at first, there was much confusion and anxiety. Lots of barking. Once I finally got it right though it worked like a charm. I let the boys out and then fill up each of their bowls. I put Ed’s in his usual spot in the hallway so that he can get at it as soon as I let him in. I keep holding onto Eddy’s though, and the two of us walk into the bathroom where I close the door and set it down. He wags his tail and eats slowly now that Ed doesn’t rush to steal his bowl. No more throwing up or puppy coughing since we’ve been doing this either! I don’t know why it took me so long, but I’m glad to have found an eating arrangement that makes my fur babies healthy and happy!


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