New Park

We’ve been in Eugene for almost a year at this point, but we tried out a new dog park this morning. New for us anyway. It’s a huge one, next to another part of the river. So many trees and birds and squirrels, Ed and Eddy were in heaven.

The water was flowing pretty fast today, perhaps another storm is on it’s way. It’s been in the 80s, going up to the 90s by Thursday but just the other day we had a hail storm. The weather has always been real spastic in Oregon but it’s been getting real weird these last few years. Maybe chem trails, maybe global, who the hell know’s. And scientists are no longer allowed to publish their findings, although the Badlands National Park I believe did publish info that was taken off the website.

Anyway though, my boys are loving the sun! Oregon is such a lovely state!


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