Work at Last

Now that it’s officially official I’ll come out and say it, after almost a year of hardcore looking I’ve finally found work. Not a writing job like i had originally wanted but not too far from, in the right environment at least. A while ago an online friend recommend I try an employment agency and at once quite a few people were assuring me that there was no reason to. I simply needed to try harder! This cracked me up because isn’t going to an employment agency trying harder?Well anyway, I disregarded the haters and continued my search with the help of the Gault Foundation. An organization that helps disabled individuals find work. It’s surprising how big of a difference disability makes to employers. Mostly to do with liability i think.

This week I finally start. Wednesday through Friday I’ll be working as a bell hop at the Freshman orientation and then on the weekend I’ll start my job as a custodian/clean up crew at the UO. 

It’s curious to me how under appreciated childcare workers are. As I wrote back in April when I started, the first family I started for with three kids (a six year old with develop mental delays and twin three year olds) is wonderful to me! The second family, with two kids also three and six not so wonderful and so I was glad to let them know that last Saturday was my final day with them. It’s very mentally and physically draining work. On to new adventures!


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