First week on the Job

It hasn’t been long, a week and a half, but I love my job! It’s funny, people were telling me how much I’d hate it, the physical labor bit, but I don’t at all.

It’s like a workout! Plus I work with some really cool people. I got along with a lady in my other group, but she had five kids. And she talked about them a lot. My new crew, Restroom 2, has people I can relate to better.

My new group I have more in common with, and my supervisor is just an older version of my super sweet mother-in-law! She’s so helpful and motivating, and it really helps the 8 1/2 hour day progress.

Aside from working with a wonderful crew, it’s the job itself I enjoy. I make $10.25 /hour which is $0.50 above minimum wage here in Oregon. So that’s cool, and my husband makes above minimum wage with his elder care job so we’re doing alright. But beyond that I really do enjoy my job. 

It’s located near my house, which is extremely convenient since I don’t drive. Also though I like that it’s a job I don’t take home. It’s physically draining sure but it doesn’t require me to think at all. Just clean and then go home. Also, it’s not really customer service at all, I pretty much totally keep to myself aside from lunch and room checks.

Plus, most importantly, it’s a job with room to grow. Not what I expected to be doing with my college degree but something I am quite happy with. It’s my second cleaning job, my other was cleaning sports uniforms at WOU, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.


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