Woke for the 4th

I feel like a douche even using the term but now that I’m woke, the 4th of July just doesn’t feel the same. I know every society celebrates a day of independence, but America is merely celebrating successful imperialism. The day we officially broke away from the oppression of Great Britain, and started oppressing others ourselves. 

None the less I’m excited for tonight. Don’t know what we’re doing for fireworks, staying home with dogs I think. Gonna have ourselves a BBQ. My parent’s invited us over for their annual dog party.

Last year was our first firework event with Ed and Eddy, and they didn’t seem to care at all. Ed did his famous head tilt but no barking or whimpering or hiding, which is unusual. Growing up the family dog, whoever it was, always hated fireworks. Most dogs don’t take kindly. So be respectful of our dogs, and our veterans home with PTSD, Don t go too crazy. Have fun though! As a lover of fireworks I tend to think of old Bilbo Baggins when I see/hear fireworks! They are a lot of fun and a great show, loved by the people in ancient China or ancient Greece. Its a great sense of wonder, for me at least, to see those colorful explosions in the sky. Its amazing again to think of the cook in China 2,000 years ago who, working in a field kitchen, who happened to mix charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter (all commonly found in the kitchen in those days). Be safe, respectful, and clean up afterwards. Enjoy the day off work if you’re lucky enough!


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