Back to the Hunt

I haven’t written in a while because 40 hours a week of manual labor is exhausting. I was so sore and tired all the time, still managed to catch a few babysitting gigs on the side and man oh man, tired to the core.

Anyway though my custodian job at UO was only a temp job I found through an employment agency that helps the disabled find work, it’s called the Galt Foundation. It’s pretty small, two in Portland and one in Eugene, and I think it’s a really smart idea. Being disabled is limiting in a job search in ways I don’t think able-bodied people think much about, and let me tell you I would not recommend custodial work to anyone with previous fibromyalgia or joint pains or back problems or any combination. It will only get worse.

So anyway, for the summer they hired two restroom crews to clean two or three different buildings, one off campus and the other two on. The one off, which was only housing summer camps rather than summer students, closed up Friday until September. Which don’t get me started, our city has a staggering amount of homeless when an entire dorm building sits vacant for almost three months. Ridiculous, but that’s another rant. As it turned out, the restroom crews were over staffed once the one building closed so there were some layoffs, only got five weeks pay but better than nothing I guess. Honestly the job was terrible anyway, one morning my ankles gave out and I collapsed from all the crouching I’d been doing. Lost quite a bit of wait though and our minimum wage went up to $10.25 so that was nice. Back to babysitting for me until they find something new for me though, and realistically I only make $0.25 less an hour. Started back up with checking Craigslist for jobs too. Plus now with experiance and a number to jot down for starting pay I hope to have more luck. And of course writing submissions…

This whole summer job thing has really taught me a lot about our state, and country’s, unemployment problem. Businesses and organizations are not so much in need of workers anymore but most people are in need of jobs (money and hours) so that they can afford things like water, food, and shelter. No kidding, one of my work colleagues I over heard talking to her daughter, before clocking out from UO housing and going to her second job at Papa John’s, about how there water would get shut off the following week if they didn’t pay their bill as soon as direct deposit cleared. It’s sick, and then I know many people (like say the speaker of the house) who would call this woman lazy! This is not an issue that American’s should be facing but sadly more are than not.

Like I said though, I’m thankful for Galt and I’m thankful to be moving on. I did learn some mad respect for custodians though! Shoot, don’t be an animal in those restrooms. Remember someone has to clean all that mess up.


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