More Time for Dog Parks

After five weeks of waking up at 5:30am Monday through Friday to take the bus to working eight hours on my feet, going back to unemployment isn’t terrible. I mean I do miss the weekly paychecks…but I do like spending time with Ed and Eddy. 

My favorite thing about being on the UO custodian staff was definitely the work out. I went down one pant size, so after I was layed off I figured I ought to implement a new workout. Every morning I walk about six blocks to the Amazon dog park, let my boys run around, and walk back.

It’s real nice living so close to a dog park. Our Riverplace apartment was walking distance from a dog park too, but this dog park is much bigger and much more full of dogs. The boys lo e it of course and I get a bit of socialization out of it. We’ve been here just about one year now, and honestly I don’t know how we ever managed these dogs without a yard, but in that time we’ve become the notorious loud dog people. Our neighbors are real friendly though and the dogs are doing much better than they use to in social situations. This morning at the dog park little Eddy even allowed a man to bend down and pet him! Plus no fights with other dogs, maybe this new big city atmosphere is what we all needed.


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