Well That Was Fast

So the search continues, I was lucky though that after only one week off Galt called me back to work in campus dining. I was a dish washer at the central kitchen for two days in a row. It was hard work, power washing major kitchen ware and then hand delivering them to the correct spot. Eight hour periods of standing but I’d still consider washing kitchens a vast improvement over washing bathrooms. It’s decent money and once again I’m thankful to have found an employment agency in town that specializes in helping the disabled. It is overlooked by people but there are several subtle ways most job applications discriminate against the disabled or otherwise down on their luck.

So even though Galt doesn’t have a regular position for me at the time I’m happy to get work fairly often, I call in every week and if anything pops up they send me. I’m hoping to find something non-manual labor through them soon though, hopefully this will be the week.

Plus it looks like I’m back to having two babysitting jobs too, shittercity is a wonderful resource for child, elder, and animal care jobs. As I wrote before I quit that one all day Saturday gig because I didn’t feel appreciated, and initially I felt that that may have been a mistake, but as of today I got hired on for a more serious nanny job that pays $350 for 15 hours a week. I am really excited about this one too! So I’ve got two part time nanny jobs, a part time temp job, and my husband also has a part time elder care job, along with a work from home Amazon job. This is what it takes for a couple of millennials just to maintain a home, one eight year old car, and two tiny dogs.


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