Author: ari423

Work at Last

Now that it’s officially official I’ll come out and say it, after almost a year of hardcore looking I’ve finally found work. Not a writing job like i had originally wanted but not too far from, in the right environment at least. A while ago an online friend recommend I try an employment agency and at once quite a few people were assuring me that there was no reason to. I simply needed to try harder! This cracked me up because isn’t going to an employment agency trying harder?Well anyway, I disregarded the haters and continued my search with the help of the Gault Foundation. An organization that helps disabled individuals find work. It’s surprising how big of a difference disability makes to employers. Mostly to do with liability i think.

This week I finally start. Wednesday through Friday I’ll be working as a bell hop at the Freshman orientation and then on the weekend I’ll start my job as a custodian/clean up crew at the UO. 

It’s curious to me how under appreciated childcare workers are. As I wrote back in April when I started, the first family I started for with three kids (a six year old with develop mental delays and twin three year olds) is wonderful to me! The second family, with two kids also three and six not so wonderful and so I was glad to let them know that last Saturday was my final day with them. It’s very mentally and physically draining work. On to new adventures!

New Park

We’ve been in Eugene for almost a year at this point, but we tried out a new dog park this morning. New for us anyway. It’s a huge one, next to another part of the river. So many trees and birds and squirrels, Ed and Eddy were in heaven.

The water was flowing pretty fast today, perhaps another storm is on it’s way. It’s been in the 80s, going up to the 90s by Thursday but just the other day we had a hail storm. The weather has always been real spastic in Oregon but it’s been getting real weird these last few years. Maybe chem trails, maybe global, who the hell know’s. And scientists are no longer allowed to publish their findings, although the Badlands National Park I believe did publish info that was taken off the website.

Anyway though, my boys are loving the sun! Oregon is such a lovely state!

Two Years and Separate Rooms

As of just a few days ago Ed and Eddy have been home with us for two years!

Eating has always been a thing, but they’ve grown more competitive about it. Ed just gobbles down whatever we serve him so fast! Poor little Eddy struggles to keep up. The other day Eddy had a serious anxiety attack. The food got stuck in this throat a bit so we patted on his back to help him he could clear it. He was totally shaking, and then threw up what appeared to be unchewed food. My husband then admitted to seeing whole food chunks in his poo the day before. It seems like he was eating his food too quickly, to prevent Ed from stealing his bowl, and he wasn’t chewing. So I had a bold idea, what if I make them eat in seperate rooms?

It was hard to implement at first, there was much confusion and anxiety. Lots of barking. Once I finally got it right though it worked like a charm. I let the boys out and then fill up each of their bowls. I put Ed’s in his usual spot in the hallway so that he can get at it as soon as I let him in. I keep holding onto Eddy’s though, and the two of us walk into the bathroom where I close the door and set it down. He wags his tail and eats slowly now that Ed doesn’t rush to steal his bowl. No more throwing up or puppy coughing since we’ve been doing this either! I don’t know why it took me so long, but I’m glad to have found an eating arrangement that makes my fur babies healthy and happy!

My Two Cents on Easter

I grew up Jewish and even during my brief stint as a Christian (Mormon) I never got Easter. What does the reproductive habits of bunnies have to do with Jesus?

For me, Jesus was probably a real person. Even now, over 2000 years later, he’s still making a huge impact on people but same as Muhammad, Moses, Buddha, and whoever else I am pretty set that he was just a slob like one of us.

So buy your kids peeps and put on some bunny ears. Easter is a holiday, in my opinion, for starting over. Never be afraid to start over, hit redo. It is never too late to start over and make things right. If there is one important thing to take away from this once pegan holiday I believe that is it, life is precious. Easy to create but not so easy to sustain so don’t take it for granted.

New Nanny Gig

So I’m still in search of a stable desk job but since all my experience is in childcare I decided to go back to what I know.

I found a position that’s two bus rides away, so that’s a pain, but it’s such a sweet family. Three kids, the youngest are three year-old boy girl twins and the oldest is six year-old boy. They are so sweet! The three year old boy is HYPER as hell but so cute! He kept hanging off me and jumping on me when I was reading to the older boy. We played cars, colored pictures, swung outside and ate dinner. The girl was a sweetheart too, happy to have another girl to play with I think. Plus they have a big friendly dog and a chickens outside! It’s a fun house to be at. There are toys on the floor and crayon on the wall, it’s a very kid friendly environment.

Working with children is surprisingly low pay, always has been thus I stopped doing and went to college. Ironic that it’s all I can find now… Since places seem more likely to hire applicants with current jobs though (which seems like a conspiracy to keep unemployment high if you ask me) maybe it’ll help me. I’ve narrowed my search down even more to holistic or therapeutic therapy type office receptionist (a receptionist job is easier to get and gives experience for an administrative position). That is still my goal just because as much as I love children and helping them learn to explore, I know my own physical limitations and I know that my back can’t take holding up toddlers forever. I ought to have an interview next week at an acupuncture office but we’ll see how that goes…fingers crossed but I’m thankful to have found something. Along with my volunteer work with the kindergartners in the SMART reading program, I feel like I’m back to having goals and a purpose. 

Time to Sculpt that Body

I’m not a believer in needing a “summer body.” Even with a belly woman should feel comfortable being comfortable. Last summer I rocked bikini bottoms with a tangkini to cover my feeding tube scar. I’ll most likely wear that suit this year too.

Yesterday evening my husband found a coupon for dim sum downtown though and wanted to take me on a date. I hurried to my closet to find something cute when I came across an old pair of pants, one that I haven’t fit for almost two years I think. To my surprise they are no longer even tight!

This encouraged me to start working out again. We pulled our old exercise bike out of storage (we got it in Monmouth but since we had an apartment complex gym in Independence we didn’t need it there). I used it for the first time today, turned on a trap workout mix from youtube to spin for 40 minutes. 

It’s a start, and also we had an unexpected trip to urgent care yesterday. The only one that takes our insurance is across town but my husband has been struggling more than usual lately with his asma. I have been hearing that is fairly common lately, air pollution is most likely to blame. Tbis just made both of us better prepared to take our fitness more seriously. As times get tough it’s important to be able at least to count on your body.

Dog Door Open

We’ve had enough sunny nice days back to back that I’ve started to just leave the dog door open all day again, and boy my dogs are happy for it. They bark all day long pretty much, got to tell those birds and squirrels who’s boss.

They really love the sun, it’s so sweet. The dry sunny weather makes walks and visits to the dog park much easier too. I’m not having to bath and/or towel them off every few hours anymore either, which is good for everyone. I get to spend a lot of time out in the yard with them again, something I am most thankful for. We play a bit of frisbee, they’re still not overly interested in returning the frisbee to me after I throw it but we are making progress. They’re happy to get to run around again and I soon noticed that the majority of their toys have returned to the yard.