Two and a Half Years

It’s been 2 1/2 years since we brought Ed and Eddy home. As I’ve written numerous times they are a handful. When we first brought them home we tried the crate training but they were just too loud, mostly Ed was and it made me feel bad for Eddy stuck in the box with him.

So we stopped the initial crate training, and my husband and I both loved having the dogs in bed with us at first. Moving into the house though, it became more difficult. They have WAY less accidents now that we have a yard but having them in the bed I was having to change and wash the bedding A LOT. Plus our bed is only a full size and they were getting a little too comfortable taking up space, so we decided to try the box again.

Now that we’re in a house we were able to use the so called ferber method, where you just let your baby cry until they get over it. This was extremely difficult and annoying but now that we don’t share walls it was possible…and now after a few months it’s finally paid off! Our house is a lot calmer now.


More Time for Dog Parks

After five weeks of waking up at 5:30am Monday through Friday to take the bus to working eight hours on my feet, going back to unemployment isn’t terrible. I mean I do miss the weekly paychecks…but I do like spending time with Ed and Eddy. 

My favorite thing about being on the UO custodian staff was definitely the work out. I went down one pant size, so after I was layed off I figured I ought to implement a new workout. Every morning I walk about six blocks to the Amazon dog park, let my boys run around, and walk back.

It’s real nice living so close to a dog park. Our Riverplace apartment was walking distance from a dog park too, but this dog park is much bigger and much more full of dogs. The boys lo e it of course and I get a bit of socialization out of it. We’ve been here just about one year now, and honestly I don’t know how we ever managed these dogs without a yard, but in that time we’ve become the notorious loud dog people. Our neighbors are real friendly though and the dogs are doing much better than they use to in social situations. This morning at the dog park little Eddy even allowed a man to bend down and pet him! Plus no fights with other dogs, maybe this new big city atmosphere is what we all needed.

Back to the Hunt

I haven’t written in a while because 40 hours a week of manual labor is exhausting. I was so sore and tired all the time, still managed to catch a few babysitting gigs on the side and man oh man, tired to the core.

Anyway though my custodian job at UO was only a temp job I found through an employment agency that helps the disabled find work, it’s called the Galt Foundation. It’s pretty small, two in Portland and one in Eugene, and I think it’s a really smart idea. Being disabled is limiting in a job search in ways I don’t think able-bodied people think much about, and let me tell you I would not recommend custodial work to anyone with previous fibromyalgia or joint pains or back problems or any combination. It will only get worse.

So anyway, for the summer they hired two restroom crews to clean two or three different buildings, one off campus and the other two on. The one off, which was only housing summer camps rather than summer students, closed up Friday until September. Which don’t get me started, our city has a staggering amount of homeless when an entire dorm building sits vacant for almost three months. Ridiculous, but that’s another rant. As it turned out, the restroom crews were over staffed once the one building closed so there were some layoffs, only got five weeks pay but better than nothing I guess. Honestly the job was terrible anyway, one morning my ankles gave out and I collapsed from all the crouching I’d been doing. Lost quite a bit of wait though and our minimum wage went up to $10.25 so that was nice. Back to babysitting for me until they find something new for me though, and realistically I only make $0.25 less an hour. Started back up with checking Craigslist for jobs too. Plus now with experiance and a number to jot down for starting pay I hope to have more luck. And of course writing submissions…

This whole summer job thing has really taught me a lot about our state, and country’s, unemployment problem. Businesses and organizations are not so much in need of workers anymore but most people are in need of jobs (money and hours) so that they can afford things like water, food, and shelter. No kidding, one of my work colleagues I over heard talking to her daughter, before clocking out from UO housing and going to her second job at Papa John’s, about how there water would get shut off the following week if they didn’t pay their bill as soon as direct deposit cleared. It’s sick, and then I know many people (like say the speaker of the house) who would call this woman lazy! This is not an issue that American’s should be facing but sadly more are than not.

Like I said though, I’m thankful for Galt and I’m thankful to be moving on. I did learn some mad respect for custodians though! Shoot, don’t be an animal in those restrooms. Remember someone has to clean all that mess up.

Woke for the 4th

I feel like a douche even using the term but now that I’m woke, the 4th of July just doesn’t feel the same. I know every society celebrates a day of independence, but America is merely celebrating successful imperialism. The day we officially broke away from the oppression of Great Britain, and started oppressing others ourselves. 

None the less I’m excited for tonight. Don’t know what we’re doing for fireworks, staying home with dogs I think. Gonna have ourselves a BBQ. My parent’s invited us over for their annual dog party.

Last year was our first firework event with Ed and Eddy, and they didn’t seem to care at all. Ed did his famous head tilt but no barking or whimpering or hiding, which is unusual. Growing up the family dog, whoever it was, always hated fireworks. Most dogs don’t take kindly. So be respectful of our dogs, and our veterans home with PTSD, Don t go too crazy. Have fun though! As a lover of fireworks I tend to think of old Bilbo Baggins when I see/hear fireworks! They are a lot of fun and a great show, loved by the people in ancient China or ancient Greece. Its a great sense of wonder, for me at least, to see those colorful explosions in the sky. Its amazing again to think of the cook in China 2,000 years ago who, working in a field kitchen, who happened to mix charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter (all commonly found in the kitchen in those days). Be safe, respectful, and clean up afterwards. Enjoy the day off work if you’re lucky enough!

First week on the Job

It hasn’t been long, a week and a half, but I love my job! It’s funny, people were telling me how much I’d hate it, the physical labor bit, but I don’t at all.

It’s like a workout! Plus I work with some really cool people. I got along with a lady in my other group, but she had five kids. And she talked about them a lot. My new crew, Restroom 2, has people I can relate to better.

My new group I have more in common with, and my supervisor is just an older version of my super sweet mother-in-law! She’s so helpful and motivating, and it really helps the 8 1/2 hour day progress.

Aside from working with a wonderful crew, it’s the job itself I enjoy. I make $10.25 /hour which is $0.50 above minimum wage here in Oregon. So that’s cool, and my husband makes above minimum wage with his elder care job so we’re doing alright. But beyond that I really do enjoy my job. 

It’s located near my house, which is extremely convenient since I don’t drive. Also though I like that it’s a job I don’t take home. It’s physically draining sure but it doesn’t require me to think at all. Just clean and then go home. Also, it’s not really customer service at all, I pretty much totally keep to myself aside from lunch and room checks.

Plus, most importantly, it’s a job with room to grow. Not what I expected to be doing with my college degree but something I am quite happy with. It’s my second cleaning job, my other was cleaning sports uniforms at WOU, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Work at Last

Now that it’s officially official I’ll come out and say it, after almost a year of hardcore looking I’ve finally found work. Not a writing job like i had originally wanted but not too far from, in the right environment at least. A while ago an online friend recommend I try an employment agency and at once quite a few people were assuring me that there was no reason to. I simply needed to try harder! This cracked me up because isn’t going to an employment agency trying harder?Well anyway, I disregarded the haters and continued my search with the help of the Gault Foundation. An organization that helps disabled individuals find work. It’s surprising how big of a difference disability makes to employers. Mostly to do with liability i think.

This week I finally start. Wednesday through Friday I’ll be working as a bell hop at the Freshman orientation and then on the weekend I’ll start my job as a custodian/clean up crew at the UO. 

It’s curious to me how under appreciated childcare workers are. As I wrote back in April when I started, the first family I started for with three kids (a six year old with develop mental delays and twin three year olds) is wonderful to me! The second family, with two kids also three and six not so wonderful and so I was glad to let them know that last Saturday was my final day with them. It’s very mentally and physically draining work. On to new adventures!

New Park

We’ve been in Eugene for almost a year at this point, but we tried out a new dog park this morning. New for us anyway. It’s a huge one, next to another part of the river. So many trees and birds and squirrels, Ed and Eddy were in heaven.

The water was flowing pretty fast today, perhaps another storm is on it’s way. It’s been in the 80s, going up to the 90s by Thursday but just the other day we had a hail storm. The weather has always been real spastic in Oregon but it’s been getting real weird these last few years. Maybe chem trails, maybe global, who the hell know’s. And scientists are no longer allowed to publish their findings, although the Badlands National Park I believe did publish info that was taken off the website.

Anyway though, my boys are loving the sun! Oregon is such a lovely state!