Post-marital Relations 

Something I never really worried about, I don’t know if most people worry about but Buzz fead articles sure do, was sex after saying I do.

I’ve written about identifying as demi-sexual before and maybe that’s part of it, but the sex has always been good so I never really thought about it. Friends started asking about it the longer our engagement lasted, so I made myself think about it. What if we tried this? What if we tried that?

So we did, and it was just as good as always. It’s been a year and I still think about our week in Vegas. We just had an average room in the Excalibur, it was an amazing week. Just doing crazy shit with my husband. Tell anyone in Vegas your newlyweds and they go crazy!

So anyway, the honeymoon was amazing but it wasn’t based around sex like they sell it. In this past year together though even I can sense that the sex has improved. It’s hotter because we have nothing to hold back and it’s more pationet because we have no reservations. It’s only been a year but it’s still not work. I still have no doubts. I’m still so lucky to have found my best friend. 


I’m nervous today, I admit it. The Trump Presidency so far has been quite a ride. I mean, it’s hard to trust the news and I’m sure they’re being biased. I’m also sure HRC would have been just as bad in many ways, honestly worse in some. The Democrats and Republicans are after all on the same team. Still though, 3 months in and shits pretty real.

This healthcare thing though has been my issue since 2008. Obamacare had and has a lot of flaws, it does, but for my husband and I it has generously increased our quality of life. Trumpcare would kick us both off for having preexisting conditions. For me, my meds aren’t too expensive and I haven’t used the therapy thing in a while anyway. And dental wise, our plan covered us to go to a clinic anyway so that’s only like what $20 without insurance? But Medicaid does cover my husband’s  $600 inhaler, so that’s a pain in the ass.He does enjoy breathing. 

Congress was supposed to vote yesterday, but it wasn’t looking good for Trumpcare. I guess several of the GOP don’t consider throwing thousands off completely, hiking premiums, and giving million dollar tax breaks to the 2% (including our President) to be tough enough so they day they’ll vote no, as will all Democrats allegedly. AHCA also considers pregnant woman to be in that preexisting conditions category btw. Trump has told his constituents though that if they vote down the AHCA that ACA will stay in place, he claims he’ll move on to bigger issues. I suppose that’s the best we can hope for but Idk. It’s a BAD feeling, either way a lot of Americans will be screwed. Either way our government is not doing what’s best for us. While all this has gone on, internet providers have become able to sell our own personal info and hunters are now allowed to go after hybernating animals. That’s some really disturbing stuff. 

Everything that’s going on the least they can do is take those hands of my healthcare, which I consider marijuana to be a big part of honestly even though it is in no way covered. Hands off, laissez faire. Trumpcare, or OHCA is nothing more than a tax break for the wealthy rolled into a population control plan. Killing off the poor and sick, and I believe if you look closely you will see that it’s mainly a way to kill off those not contributing enougb to capitalism. That is if you’re poor, old and/or sickly you are not paying into the scheme since You can’t afford to. You can’t waist time shopping and so your own elected officials don’t want to protect your life. Population control, if they kill enough off they can continue living their extravagant waistful lives. It’s truly disgusting. 

UPDATE: it’s been pulled

First Day of Spring

It’s been a long winter. We only had one real big snow, had some hail though, many gray sky’s, and hella rain! Ed and Eddy don’t like the cold much but they dealt with it better this year than last. For the last two days here though it’s been sunny as can be, still terribly cold but beautiful and sunny!

On top of being the first day of spring, it is also the first day that my husband and I have been married over a year! It really doesn’t feel any different, but at the same time it’s really nice. We’re not newly weds anymore, we’re an established family. I also really love how much our family has grown and become one. 

Reflecting on 3/20/16 in the Victorian room at the Little Chapel in Los Vegas, I have so many fond memories. It was truly my perfect wedding. Looking back on the pictures I’m most greatful for two things. The first is my dogs; originally my husband’s best friend was supposed to fly down and be our witness. Unfortunately he missed his flight, which caused me to have a meltdown. Luckily  though my parents and brother witnessed us, and they brought all the dogs with them. Me and my now-husband got to walk ourselves down the isle, with Ed and Eddy, to meet our female minister and be bonded in holy matrimony. Or maybe not holy…it was a secular reception. We had a candle lighting ceremony. I love everything about it!

The second thing I loved was that the particular chapel I chose, they have quite a few beautiful rooms decorated in various themes. The Little Chapel is a popular spot for destination weddings. Anyway though ever since I was a teenager I’ve loved the Victorian anesthetic, which is probably why I picked out the dress I did. I didn’t realize they matched  so well until we arrived. I’m so glad it turned out the way it did! My wedding pictures are stunning!

If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t change a thing! I know I’m supposed to have dreamed of a big wedding with lots of people and gifts, but eloping was perfect for me! And we had such a fun time being “just married” in Vegas! It’s such a shameless city. You can dress however you want and drink whatever you want wherever you want,  and that’s exactly what you run into all across the city. Plus all the shows and gambling,  it was a great place to escape the real world and focus on ourselves. 

Sleep in til Sunrise

Since we’ve started crate training again, it’s been maybe two weeks, indoor potty accidents have gone down immensely. Also I’m sleeping much more soundly.

Today was amazing. Yesterday was my husband and my first anniversary, so we wanted a bit of alone time. I put them in their crate at 10 pm, so earlier than usual. Now usually Ed wakes me up with his bark at 4 am, I’ve pretty much gotten use to it but this morning they surprised me! Let me sleep in until 6:30! They woke up with the sun. 🙂


This morning a cute little neighborhood kitty made her way to our window, she was purring quite loudly so my hubby went out to nab her while I put the boys outside. I at once decided her name ought to be Rosaline. Beautiful creature.

She walked all over, jumping on furniture and checking things out. She didn’t have a collar or anything but she seemed clean and well fed. We gave her some milk that she seemed happy about. Her and my husband got along great, he really is a cat man.

We let her be in the crate while letting the boys back in, to test it out. It was alright at first but Ed and Eddy soon flipped out.

It was all fine, we put them back out and gave kitty some more love before returning her to whence she came. I’m fairly certain she is a neighborhood cat, we have a few.

Dog Park by the Water

I took Ed and Eddy to the giant dog park in the country today. We met up with my mom and her dog Zeke, they had such a great time. Running and swimming, enjoying the sunny breeze. It was however extremely windy, the loud waves scared Eddy but Ed couldn’t wait to swim.

Pitiful Puppies

I swear to you, this solution we came up with for ending indoor bathroom accidents has been going really well. It’s been barely a week but man oh man, my husband and I sleep so much sounder without dogs in our bed. Believe me, they still get plenty of loving, but it has been nice getting a break. We’re at about two years now and they’re still a super needy handful, but the yard has been great for them. 

They couldn’t get enough of it in the summer! The winter rain deters them a bit, especially Eddy, but it’s still great. Ed runs a loop around the perimeter of the yard a few times a day, he also isn’t afraid to let me know when he needs out. I think that is a result of the box. Eddy does good with pee, but when its extremely wet out he refuses to get off the deck. We managed to reconvince him that if he MUST go inside he ought to use the bathroom, we’ve only had one such accident since the box but it was much more manageable. 

I was so distraught before I found out vinegar cleans wood floors, and before I was able to clean my rug outside, I think both Ed and Eddy could sense something. The rug is now somewhat faded BUT no more yellow stain.

Also nice, my husband and I had discussed getting a new bigger bed, since our full was always over crowded with dogs, but now there’s no need to. We each have plenty of room in our bed and this saves us a ton of money!

The only times the dog box situation is difficult for me is nights like tonight when my husband is at work. No more living stuffies to keep me warm. I’m not about to go back to the way it was though, my boys are box puppies now and I think everyone is better off this way.