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Time to Sculpt that Body

I’m not a believer in needing a “summer body.” Even with a belly woman should feel comfortable being comfortable. Last summer I rocked bikini bottoms with a tangkini to cover my feeding tube scar. I’ll most likely wear that suit this year too.

Yesterday evening my husband found a coupon for dim sum downtown though and wanted to take me on a date. I hurried to my closet to find something cute when I came across an old pair of pants, one that I haven’t fit for almost two years I think. To my surprise they are no longer even tight!

This encouraged me to start working out again. We pulled our old exercise bike out of storage (we got it in Monmouth but since we had an apartment complex gym in Independence we didn’t need it there). I used it for the first time today, turned on a trap workout mix from youtube to spin for 40 minutes. 

It’s a start, and also we had an unexpected trip to urgent care yesterday. The only one that takes our insurance is across town but my husband has been struggling more than usual lately with his asma. I have been hearing that is fairly common lately, air pollution is most likely to blame. Tbis just made both of us better prepared to take our fitness more seriously. As times get tough it’s important to be able at least to count on your body.