Mama Takes A Bath

About two weeks ago now, I managed to really throw out my back. I’ve had trouble with my back for years now and this hurtle hasn’t been easy. We live on the second floor and I couldn’t even get out of bed much less walk down stairs for a week. Bending over to wash the dogs was out of the question too. Eric brought me meals in bed and helped me wash. It was humiliating, tears were shed. I have a cane and back brace from years passed so that’s been helpful but still so annoying. I’m one week away from 26 but shit like this has been happening for years, it’s hard to get the medical attention I need sometimes too because doctors are so paranoid about prescription drug abuse they won’t prescribe anything for young people, at least not in conservative towns like this. The doctor I started seeing after I graduated college actually took away my muscle relaxers which I believe actually prompted this whole mess I’m in now. He gave them back after I hobbled in to see him of course, gave me a set of stretches to do and told me it would take six weeks to heal.

One thing I’ve been doing a lot for my back is taking baths. I ordinarily am not much of a bath person but I’ve been converted. Epsom salt baths are the best, but a funny thing happens every time I get in the tub. Ed comes to keep me company in the bathroom but always ends up crying. He loves baths you see, unlike his brother, and since I don’t usually take baths myself he is use to baths only being for puppies. So as I lay in the warm water comfortably he always wants in too. He is unable to jump in due to his funky hips but he sure does whine a lot in hopes that I’ll help him in. Now I do love my pups and spoil them terribly, but taking a bath with Ed is too much for even me. Eventually Eric whistled to Ed from the hallway and wrestled with him, this kept Ed happy and occupied as I finished up.

As dachshunds tend to, my boys require lots of attention. They are very loving and receptive to love. I was told the other day getting multiple dogs from the same litter can be damaging, the dogs will form a tighter than usual bond to each other and chances are they will not much like other dogs. This is very true of Ed and Eddy. Of course by the time we adopted them splitting them up was not an option, Luvable had tried and decided that they were inseparable. (Seriously though, they don’t really even tolerate being in separate rooms much less going on separate walks. We tried that again yesterday and they were not having it.) We have been lucky though that the bond Ed and Eddy formed with Eric and I is extremely strong. It has been an adjustment for everyone, the doggy boys have many fears and quirks, but as we approach being a family for one year now things are running more smoothly. The bond that they have with each other keeps them content in the rare occasion that we do leave them home alone. (We even take them on car rides with us when it’s convenient.)

Here are some of the very first pictures we took upon getting the boys from Luvable and taking them home for our trial week. The last of April 2015.




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